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Joe Sloan wins the East of Scotland for the second year running.


We have a lot of photos from the events all around the year.

The Scottish Draughts Association.

Dear Members,

It is with great sadness that I announce the loss of two of our members.

Anthony C Rose. Anthony was born in 1936 in Clare, Suffolk and passed away on December 26th 2018. He studied botany at university. His working adult life was mostly spent largely in Africa as a teacher in Ghana, Libya and Zimbabwe. Anthony would come back with tales of mishaps and adventures and would usually be sporting some sort of tropical disease or infestation. After retiring from working in Africa, Anthony returned to England and worked in a private school but became disheartened by the poor behaviour and attitude of those he sought to teach compared with his African pupils. It was when he stopped working that he moved to Scotland, drawn to Rosehearty by the remoteness, beauty, peace and sea. He loved fishing and went out on his little boat in all weathers. He loved games and toffees. Anthony would play Solo with his family as it was shorter and easier than Bridge for his niece the youngest to learn. Anthony was very interested in fungi and was always on the hunt, and a few years ago he discovered what he thought was new species, sent it to Kew who verified it was indeed a new species. Strategy games brought him great pleasure and he was a proficient chess player before taking to draughts with great enthusiasm. His dedication and energy to draughts knew no bounds, travelling overnight by bus to 1 day tournaments, playing all day without sleep to return home overnight.  An informal celebration of his life is to be held in the Masons Arms, Rosehearty on Sunday 17th February at 3.00pm with food and drinks to take time to remember Anthony and maybe have a game of draughts or two, and all who knew him are welcome to attend.

George M Fotheringhame. George was born on the island of Sanday on the 10th of January 1924 and like most people of that era played draughts as a pastime. It was only after he moved to the Orkney Mainland that he played competitively. He became secretary of the Orkney Draughts Association in 1969 and held office really until he died as competitions ceased around 2008. George was Orkney Draughts Champion three times 1994, 1998 and 1999 when he won the Jim Moss Cup outright. He was also three times runner-up. George played for Scotland in the Home Internationals at Morecambe in 1992. He died on 18th December 2018 and his funeral was largely attended on 28th December.

To all members and friends of the SDA, I once again wish you the very best for the year ahead and look forward to welcoming you to any of our competitions next year.

Lamont Inkster. President

Draughts board